Yoop Tech
Yoop Tech

Data can be an opportunity for your business - or a problem

Day and night, your customer data should be secure. We help you collect only the useful data, keep it secure and make the most of it with full transparency for your customers. 

Your business needs data. Data guides your products, drives your sales and tailors your product to the market need. But your customers expect transparency from your brand. We believe that every business must nail this.

  • Are you capturing the right data? 
  • Are you complying with the regulations? 
  • Are you giving your customers absolute confidence in your brand?

How we can help you


Bespoke identity management and customer authentication products


Transparent customer profiling for content personalisation


Blockchain-based data management ensuring security of your customer data 


Intuitive permission systems giving your customers full control over their data

What we bring

We have a flexible team with over a decade of experience in software development – and access to some of the brightest minds on AI and blockchain. We understand your needs and those of your customers, helping you create superior experiences that strenghten trust in your brand.

User experience
Mobile development
Machine learning

Who we are

We are an award-winning company based at the University of Nottingham Innovation Park. We build ground-breaking products for digital companies, using cutting-edge technology to deal with the most complex problems surrounding acquisition, management and security of customer data.